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The Benefits and Features of Participating in the International Conference on Innovation in Management , Economics and Entrepreneurship Having registered and participated in the Conference, the respected researchers can promote their knowledge, share their scientific findings and benefit from the following advantages:

The participation and supportof two international universities

* The support of more than tenscientific and research centers

* The contribution ofScientific Committee and international speakers from all around the world

* Getting acquainted withnational and international scientific figures

* Participating in speech panelsand making use of issues discussed in speech and poster sessions

* Taking advantage ofexperiences of other scholars, researchers and managers in the realm ofconference topics

* All the conference paperswill be  published in the Conference  Proceeding  CD

* The conference papers arelikely to get published in prestigious ISI journals.

* Providing internationalconference certificates sealed with logos of more than ten scientific centers

* Providing internationalconference certificates issued by prestigious scientific institutes and centers

* Consolidating thescientific resume of Ph.D. applicants as well as those scholars applying forreceiving a scholarship and being admitted to prestigious foreign universities