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The Scientific and Executive committees of the International Conference on Innovation in Management , Economics and Entrepreneurship attempt to provide a unique opportunity to continuously benefit from an institutionalized collective wisdom and enhance the common objectives and programs quantitatively and qualitatively. Accordingly, it will be attempted to establish some robust and mutual interactions and cooperation with scientific educational, governmental and non-governmental organizations across all geographical regions as well as at diverse local, national, regional and international levels to meet the following objectives:

1) Creating as contacts as possible to provide a means for scientificand industrial exchanges

2) Boosting the scientific and research collaborations with otherscientific centers in the country and around the world

3) Promoting the basic and applied research in all sectors ofscience and technology,identifying the top ideas and turning them intoproductive projects

4)Strengthening the interaction and communication betweenuniversity and the industry

5) Finding out the latest scientific archievements and researchmethods

6) Examining the research challenges in the industrial andscientific community of the world