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Having won the support of prestigious universities and academic circles, the the International Conference on Innovation in Management , Economics and Entrepreneurship will be held on November 01, 2017 (Aban 10, 1396 AHS) in Thailand, Bangkok The main audiences for the Conference will be experts and scholars active in the fields of management, economics and Entrepreneurship.

The Scientific and Executive committees of the Conference kindly invite all the following groups to submit their valuable papers comprising the latest scientific and research findings on the main themes of the Conference and benefit from scientific and practical topics addressed in the Conference:

*Policymakers and planners in the fields of management and economics

*Heads, deputies and managers of management and economic organizations

*Heads and senior managers of governmental and non-governmental organizations

*Trade associations and NGOs in the field of management and economics

*Senior accountants and auditors working in governmental and non-governmentalorganizations

*Consulting firms and educational service institutions in the fields ofmanagement, economics and humanities

*Professors, experts and scholars in all majors of management, economics andhumanities

*Students and researchers in all majors of management, economics and humanities