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Leaving Grand Tetons to head to Montana I wanted to go to Yellowstone to cross off another bucket list item – Old Faithful. Not knowing the area well and not wanting to pay to get into the park to see Old Faithful I almost changed my mind. Then I realized, the only way to get to where I wanted to go was through. SO, I splurged on an America the Beautiful Annual U.S. Park Pass. Now I’ll be able to visit all the National Parks at no extra cost. SWEET!

The drive in was amazing. Frozen lakes (in JUNE), snow still on the ground. I didn’t consider the elevation until I got to the Continental Divide. Wow, we really were up there. White-tail deer, buffalo, and spouting water. I’m happy I went.

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Filmed with my Samsung Galaxy S8
Edited with Shotcut (except specifically unedited videos)

Serenity by JayJen
Kona Sun by Freedom Trail Studios
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0

Serenity is a 1991 Coachmen Starflyte Class B+
I have 610 watts of solar with 220 amp hours of battery

The doggos are both rescues —
GUS is a 10-12-year-old male black lab/chow mix
TRANE is a 6-year-old female German shepherd mix (we think with Jack Russell)

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