Grand Teton and Yellowstone

This video is about Grand Teton and Yellowstone, with my homage to Brian Tyler’s sweeping score from Yellowstone, TV series. I purchased Yellowstone album on iTunes and was using it during my entire week long trip in Yellowstone. I know- copyright! But hey, I did purchase the album and am not making any money on this video. I couldn’t think of better music scores to use for my little video of Tetons and Yellowstone. IF I were as talented as Brian Tyler then I would write my own! LOL! You can definitely hear the nature singing at Yellowstone. IT is an amazing park- the first National Park in the world!

It is hard to showcase the beauty of the massive 2.2 mm acres of Yellowstone National Park in a 9 min video. It must have been an unreal sight for original Indians and the early settlers when they encountered the Yellowstone area. Steam rising from the ground, bubbling chromatic pools and mud pools- all the strange sights. It must have been a wonder and an enigma to them! What makes Yellowstone amazing is its massive size. I saw 3 of New Zealand’s thermal parks- Orakei Korako, Wai-O-Tapu and Wairakei Terraces, which were splendid and offered similar scenery without the mobs of tourists one finds at Yellowstone. But NZ thermal parks lack Yellowstone’s size- the vastness of the surreal landscape and the sheer number of geysers is mind blowing.

The hoards of tourists, even during September off-peak season, makes Yellowstone less enjoyable as one has to wait interminably long time for parking spots. I can’t even imagine the crowds during summer peak season! That was one thing great about New Zealand: during off-peak season there was practically no one at Wai-O-Tapu and the chromatic colors there are magnificent. One can enjoy beauty and stillness of the parks there, in NZ, during off-peak seasons without mobs of humans around.

While I am a big proponent of visiting our spectacular National Parks, in the USA, the mobs at Yellowstone are really unmanageable and makes the park undesirable to visit if one is looking for solitude as well as beauty. That is one thing I love about Colorado mountains. Since one actually has to be fit to climb the 12,000-14,000 ft Rockies or San Juan mountains, one can escape from hoards of tourists and find spectacular scenery in the remote mountains.

But for volcanic and dynamic geology, nothing compares to Yellowstone. Just the sheer number of geysers and hot springs is awe inspiring. So just be ready to deal with the millions of other tourists who want to see the amazing Yellowstone and go either very early in the morning before 8 am or later eve and during sunset. IF you are going to have that late breakfast and leave at 9 am, forget it! You will have to deal with traffic and waiting a long time for that parking spot! Be prepared, plan it and ENJOY! One of the MUST SEE parks in the USA, why it is so popular!