USGS Though Yellowstone Was Going To Erupt in 2010 and Didn’t Say A WORD

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11 thoughts on “USGS Though Yellowstone Was Going To Erupt in 2010 and Didn’t Say A WORD”

  1. If you embarrass the boss might loose your job. If you take vacation when something happens, well I was gone nobody knew what was going to happen. Job and retirement safe! This applies to all the other agencies.

  2. Ignorance is bliss with Trump ignorance is strength manly and patriotic LOL they’re doing the same thing only way worse with the environmental catastrophe we’re living through it’s not happening it’s a hoax that’s called gaslighting we got President gaslighter telling it’s not happening you know kind of like nobody respects women more than me just ask my daughter piece of ass I f*** her if I could I probably have”

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  4. USGS doesn’t want to become known as the little boy who cried wolf. Just the facts ma’am.

  5. Mary, I loved hearing “The Earthquake Kitty”. That was glorious. By the way, the videos popping up in my feed today showed the USGS report, and this is the first of those showing in my feed for about 6 months. So the fellow “P…something” showed the Hebgen Lake video recently posted, and I immediately thought; “I have not seen much from Mary Greeley lately.” So I am glad to have looked you up again. In the past few years, I have seen many of the “alarmist” and “sensationalist” videos. Obviously, many people try to capitalize on the fear-mongering to attract subscribers. I appreciate your geological knowledge. What has dawned upon me in the past couple of years, is that many of us think on a small scale, rather like “a volcano in a Western State” or something like that. Now my picture has grown to think in terms of a vast network of volcanoes, magma chambers and vents, fault lines, and even Tectonic Plates operating in the North American Continent, continuing from Mexico into Canada. I have over the years developed a very keen sense for data that is either manipulated or subdued to the point of being omitted. This occurs in many contexts and in many knowledge disciplines. You however, I regard as a reliable source. I look forward to more messages from “The Earthquake Kitty”. That must be one smart and loveable cat.

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