Why US VISA interview gets rejected? F2 USA visa interview (10 common mistakes)


In this video, I have discussed about the common mistakes that dependent do and get rejected most of the time in an interview. Visa acceptance depends on different factors but the only thing that is in anyone’s control is preparing properly for any visa interview.

Just go through the video and know what you can do to improve and increase your chances of getting visa. You should avoid the basic mistakes so as to get the visa. Also, there are different things that needs to be taken care of before going to an interview.

This video is just for information.

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3 thoughts on “Why US VISA interview gets rejected? F2 USA visa interview (10 common mistakes)”

  1. ” Why do you wanna go to US?” qn maa k ans didaa thik hola ni dd for my spouse?
    Ani TOEFL or aruu kai garna parxa ra spouse le?
    Mero kharcha jati hunxa, teti nai hunxa mero wife ko ni while applying VISA?

    Ani last maa, mero spouse le jun lang. maa ni interview dina milxa ni? eng or nepali?

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