Yellowstone in Winter Temperatures Part 4 – Wows and Wolves

I wanted to go to Yellowstone during the off season and with roads due to close any day now I headed due east. Unfortunately the early snows meant the roads were closed on and off so I had to change my initial plans but eventually it all worked out and I was treated to some of the most beautiful scenery I could imagine.

Enjoy this last part of 4 of this fantastic trip!

Home for a few nights: Carbella Campground outside northwest entrance
Coordinates: 45.21196, -110.90089

Home in snow: Itch-Kep-Pe Park
Coordinates: 45.628132, -109.252941
Free camp site, usually flush toilets when it’s not freezing out

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16 thoughts on “Yellowstone in Winter Temperatures Part 4 – Wows and Wolves”

  1. Your right , the snow or rain will keep people away giving more opportunities possible wildlife without all the noise to scare them. Your probable headed south but this is the latest in 10 years that the North Cascade Highway is still open even IBTAT finishing the PCT in two feet . How about the Rain Forest in the Rain , Wash or Or Coast in a storm . The traveling weatherman , Jay.

    1. @Jay Wanders Out You know those Hot Hands are great for more than just hands . I bought so many for work then retired . I have a 2 boot boxes filled with hand , toe and sole warmers . Put one in your fanny pack with the batteries.

    2. That also why I love hiking when the weather is super bad like below 10F. I’ve found 0F is about as low as I could get and still be comfortable but then again the camera batteries don’t last long when it’s that cold.

    1. My plan went as expected! I couldn’t imagine these roads when someone stops to watch wolves.

    1. Thanks, yes! I never heard of this area. All you ever hear is about Prismatic Springs and Old Faithful but Mammoth Springs is amazing.

    1. They were so far away! I already pulled my spotting scope from storage and have it ready to pack for the next season. Unfortunately getting a good zoom lens for the camera is way out of my budget.

  2. Hello Jay, thank you so much for sharing. This is incredible. You did a perfect job of capturing the scenic beauty of the area. I know that the National Geographic people have to be envious of your cinematography skills. All the best to you. 🤗

    1. I do think it was easier to film some of the things without people all over the walkways. I only wish I did more or made more attempts with slightly variances while I had this opportunity.

  3. I have always thought that Mammoth Springs was one of the more interesting parts of Yellowstone N.P.

    1. Totally! I’m kind of surprised Old Faithful is what Yellowstone is so famous for when honestly I thought it wasn’t nearly as interesting as most of the geysers and springs.

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